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The Bay of Mgarr early in the morning : : : The Cathedral of Victoria was erected in 1702 by the master builder Lorenzo Gafà : : : Amazing: The ceiling painting simulates a dome and resembles the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral : : : The Gozo glassblowers’ art is known beyond all borders : : : 17. Century: The Washhouses by Victoria : : : Temple of the Giantess, the best kept temple site of the islands : : : In the bay entrance of Xlendi one is greeted by an old watchtower from the times of the kinghts of St. John : : : Azure Windows: The fissured West coast of the island is a true paradise for divers : : : The lookout point near Xaghra offers a magnificent view on the lower lying red sand beach of the Ramla I-Hamra Bay : : : Calypso´s Cave: Detained by the beautiful nymph Calypso, Odysseus spent seven long years in this cave as a “prisoner of love” : : : The golden red Ramla Bay is the island’s most beautiful beach : : : Snoekling and diving in the crystal clear waters of the Mgarr-ix-Xieni Bay : : : Qbajjar. The salt pan beach is the most popular place to dive : : : The island of Comino’s greatest attraction is the crystal clear water of the Blue Lagoon : : : In all ports of the island the fishermen’s colorful Luzzus boats are rolling.

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