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Dotia: A large fertile plain by Pirgi, ideal for the cultivation of Mastix : : : Olimpi: Well fortified Mastic village surrounded by protective walls : : : Whether in jams, chewing gum, or tooth paste: Mastic, an old luxury item and healing agent is used in many various ways : : : The largest Mastix village on Chios is Pyrgi. The facades of most houses are decorated with an artful sample of geometric forms so called "Xysta" : : : The small harbour of Emborios has a long history : : : Cave of Sykia / Olimpi. An easy accessible cave leads down to a depth of 57 meters. In the flood lights one can see fantastic forms of stalactites and stalagmites : : : Mesta: N. Balatos and H. Yiannakalaka create "art works of the soul" : : : Not as important as the cloister Nea Moni but the monastery Agios Markos offers a gorgeous view : : : Colorful fishing boats are rocking in the small harbour by Chios City : : : On the whole island and especially here in Kampos the aroma of orange trees lingers in the air : : : Kampos: Hidden behind high stone walls is the Archontiko Perleas with its grand inner yard, fountain, marble cisterns and wide stair case : : : The living room of this Archontiko (residence) in Kampos allows a view into the life of the residents : : : Volissos: The historical part of the village is reactivated with much commitment : : : Moni Mundon: Abandoned monastery in the North of the island. The drastic illustrations in the monastery´s church depict the last judgement and punishments of hell : : : Beautiful beach of Isidoros Sykiada with the small church : : : Agios Isidoros Sykiada : : : The Pelinneo mountain range reaches a height of 1297 meter : : : The beach of Vroulidia close to Emborios : : : Porta Maggiore: Main entrance to Kastro : : : Anavatos: Pirate´s attacks forced the residents to build this impregnable village : : : Néa Moni has magnificent mosaics from the 11. century : : : The church Panaghia Aghiogalussäna at the entrance to a cave : : : Extensive culinary experience in Vroulida on the South tip of the island. Very tasty are the small, red tomatoes. They are grown without water : : : Avgonima: A medieval village with impressive view of the West coast of the island.

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