panoround Santorini by hutter design

ISBN 3902388927

CD-Rom for WIN and
Apple in English,
German and Greek

Exclusive pleasure: High above the harbour of Skala, the Caldera at one’s feet and a cocktail in one’s hand : : : Spices, sandals, Pareos, ceramics, wine, or prayer chains, within the narrow lanes of Fira there is always a dense crowd around the countless souvenir stands : : : Anyone who wants to avoid the tourist swarm just turns of the main road and wanders through the many narrow side roads of Thira : : : Wonderful view: site directly in front of Caldera : : : There is a lot of traffic in the harbour. Ferries bring tourists from the powerful cruise ships into the port of Skala : : : Fishing boat in the bay of Ammouthi : : : The volcanic soil is responsible for the excellent wines of this island. To enjoy a glass of Nikteri high above the bay is a special experience : : : Daily meeting of the romanticists at sunset in Oia : : : In the early evening everyone pushes along to the Northern top to experience the world famous sunset. The most beautiful view is from the destroyed Lontza fort : : : The ceramic artist Andreas Alefragis at work : : : The artist Katerina Joannidou within her creations : : : View into the icon master Dimitris Kotioussis’s studio in Oia : : : Once a significant navigation base, Oia today is the jewel of the island. Numerous artists have settled here and let themselves become inspired by this magical place : : : Mighty pieces of rock of volcanic origin run along the foot path around the harbours of Armeni and Ammoudi : : : The drive to the southwestern top of the island leads through a charming landscape and ends by the lighthouse of Faros : : : From the high altidude Pyrgos one can view the whole island in focus : : : One can not feel any hectic rush within the bend lanes of the former island capital : : : Pyrgos: Luxury with historical ambience : : : The Red Beach: A play of colours by the rocks : : : Kamari with ist beautiful dark beach is the main bathing resort of the island. From here the road also leads to the excavation of Old Thera : : : The manor house Archontiko Argyrou in Messaria is a museum today : : : To ascend on the serpentine stairway to the village of Manolas is sudatory but the view is fantastic : : : The landscape of the 300 years ago created island of Nea Kameni the born late) appears dangerously extraterrestrial.

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